Direct On-Screen T9 Contacts Search

Quickly connect simply by spelling their names.

Combining the address book search function with the dialling function, The T9 Contacts Search utility lets you locate and dial quickly on one convenient interface.

Simply spell out your contact’s name on the dialling keypad and it is automatically displayed for instant dialling. Supports Chinese Pinyin T9 Contacts Search!




Ultra-Fast Start Up

Load all your contacts almost instantly.

iCallU launches extremely fast and loads all your contacts instantly so no time is wasted - it only takes less than 3 seconds to load over 2,000 contacts!

Built-in IntelliDial Mode!

Make any international call effortlessly.

With the IntelliDial function, you never have to crack your head over country and state dialling codes again.



IntelliDial automatically detects your location and inputs the right codes when you make international calls, anywhere in the world.

Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Tones Playback

Call your contacts with the landline just with a touch on your iPhone

Call your contacts using the landline just with a touch of your iPhone.

iCallU supports DTMF tones and plays back your iPhone contacts numbers to your landline phone wirelessly. With this brilliant function, you can make calls to contacts in your iPhone seamlessly and quickly with your landline.

Customizable Keypad Skins

Download free stunning designs

Other than picking from the wide selection of stunning custom-made keypad skins available to you for free, you can make your very own iCallU app even more unique by tweaking your selected designs.


Some of the Key Features